Fitness assessment

(Vo2max and lactate testing)


You want to maximise your training. Physical assessments done at Vo2matt will allow you to know, precisely and scientifically, how to structure your own training plan in order to maximise your potential.

Vo2max test will allow you to know precisely how your metabolism works.  Having the right tools to establish the optimal training parameters is mandatory to maximise your results.  Since everyone is unique and different, you need more then standardise charts to establish your own personalised value of reference.  With the Vo2matt physiological et metabolic assessments, you will understand how your body uses it’s energy.  Knowing your own personal training zones will allow you to set up the right training plan for your own metabolism.  After the tests, you will receive a detailed report and you will receive a personalised consultation in order to understand your results.

The vo2matt laboratory is a leeader in testing. Recognized throught Canada and Quebec for the quality of its services. The mission isn't just to test. it's also to educate people on good training methodologies as well as nutritional approches that affect metabolism.

You are a fan of Peter Attia. you want to live longer and need to know your Vo2max and Lactate testing. Pass by the lab and we will answer all your questions.

Physical assessments will allow you to:

  • Understanding how your metabolism works

  • Know your MAP.VMA, FTP

  •  Complet vo2max test
  • Know the source of your energy (sugars / glycolysis or fats / lypolise)

    Analysis of your energy expenditure / needs
  •  Optimizing Your Workouts For Weight Loss

    Better plan your workouts to lose weight 
  • Understanding your carbohydrate intake during exercise (endurance sports)

  • Optimize your workouts to counter injuries and avoid overtraining.

  •  Determine lung capacity and efficiency

  •  Identify your specific training zones

  • Know your lactate treshold. anaerobic treshold. breathing treshold.
  •  Figure out what is your aerobic potential in order to maximise your efforts.

    Increase your stamina and determine your theoric optimal performance
  •  Evaluate your heart rate (max. treshold. etc ...)

  •  Precise mesurement of body fat %.

  •  Establish a fitness baseline to compare yourself in time.

  •  Analysis of your ri de votre mécanique de course

  • Analyse de votre coups de pédale à vélo

Analyzing the results obtained will allow you to know your optimal potential. You are from the greater Montreal area, the Vo2max test is essential. You live further away, we can organize a testing day for a group.