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Fitness assessments 

(Vo2max & lactate analysis)

You want to maximise your training. Physical assessments done at Vo2matt will allow you to know, precisely and scientifically, how to structure your own training plan in order to maximise your potential. Vo2max testing is a must. You like Peter Attia and want to know your zone 2 and Vo2max. you need to get tested.


From the beginner to elite athlete, Vo2matt will help you reach your goals.  Vo2matt offers personalised training plan, that are realistic and that takes in consideration your goals, your life schedule and your training tools. You are the legs, we are the brain.  No more concern about what to do when to get better. Train less, perform better.


Training Plans



Whether you run a 1 Km or marathon, running training plans will take in consideration your goals, your training tools and your playground.  With a personalised and diversified training plan, reach your goals without getting injured.



Whether it is to stay fit, to complete a event (Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie, étape du tour, tour CIBC …), to compete on the FQSC circuit … make sure to be on top of your shape to climb hills easily and ride faster and faster.



From sprint to Ironman, let us guide you to the fulfillment of you dream.  Well balanced volume and training is mandatory in the achievement of a triathlon; Vo2matt will plan everything : now it’s up to you to train.


Health and fitness

It’s time to get back in shape. Vo2matt is there to help you regain your desired fitness level.  Following a physiological assessment, in order to know your own physiological data, you will be in order to start exercising in the proper training zones to get results.  Guaranteed fun, diversity and results.


Other sports

You play hockey, soccer, tennis … you are looking for the optimal physical preparation in YOUR sport, Vo2matt can help you.  Physicall assessments are adapted to the sport you are practicing, and results are explained for you to get better in your own specific sport.


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